"We are doing everything we can to keep our doors open and keep serving you guys the best burgers in Orange County"

- Ryan Vanderweel, Owner

Huntington Beach, CA

  • Helped Tik Tok video hit 104,000 views

Bulgogi Hut

"You may try an idea, invest time and money into it, but if it's not working in your favor, expand out to other ideas."

-Michelle Kang, Manager

Los Angeles, CA

  • Helped get video onto

      FoodBeast IG, hitting 241,000 views

Shomi Noods

"To be honest, I got into culinary because

I didn't want to be a single guy that didn't know how to cook for himself. From there,

I fell in love with the hustle, the grind,

the long shifts and the struggle.

The challenges were a calling for me."

- Francosco J Flores, Owner

Long Beach, CA

  • Helped Tik Tok video hit 67,000 views



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